How we will treat the information you provide

All information contained within the consultation responses (including personal information) may be published or disclosed in accordance with the access to information regimes, primarily set out in:
·          the Freedom of Information Act 2000
·          the Data Protection Act 1998
·          the Environmental Information Regulations 2004

If you want information given in response to the consultation to be kept confidential it will only be possible to do so if it is consistent with our legal obligations.

There is a statutory Code of Practice under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which public authorities must comply with. This sets out how confidential information must be dealt with.

We cannot give assurances that all information will be kept confidential but we will take into account any representations made by you.

If you object to any of the information (including your personal details) which you are giving in response to the consultation being published, please say so.

It would be helpful for any such objections to be supported with an explanation of why you regard the information to be confidential so that a decision can be made as to whether there are grounds for not publishing such information.